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Mini Facelift


A mini facelift is a procedure which addresses sagging skin on the lower portion of your face. This facelift technique is often preferred because it involves less surgical dissection than the traditional facelift surgery. It turns back the hands of time by eliminating signs of facial aging.

Anesthesia Type: Local or IV sedation

Facility Type: In-office (local), surgery center (IV sedation)

Recovery Time: Stitches can come out in 7-14 days after your procedure, and full recovery takes 4-6 weeks

What to Expect During Healing: Bruising, pain, and swelling after removal of stitches

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

If you are starting to see drooping skin on your chin or neck, you might be an ideal candidate for a mini facelift. If you have less excess skin to remove, you can choose this option in order to avoid major surgery. The mini facelift is recommended for you if you are prone to scarring, because it has very minimal incisions.

Your Mini Facelift Consultation

Your initial consultation with Dr. Keith Hurvitz will involve a discussion of your medical history. During this time, it is best to mention any drugs you are currently taking. You might be asked to keep off certain medications leading up to your procedure.

A physical examination will be performed so Dr. Hurvitz can provide you with the best plan of action. Set realistic goals so you can get optimal results with your treatment.

The Procedure

Your mini facelift procedure will be conducted in Dr. Hurvitz’s clinic. General anesthesia will not be needed. Instead, he will administer local anesthesia to make it pain-free. If IV sedation is chosen, then the procedure will need to be performed in an accredited surgery center.

Incisions will be made, and then Dr. Hurvitz will manipulate the underlying skin tissue by pulling and lifting. Excess tissue will also be removed for tight, smooth results. He will close the incisions with stitches, which are barely visible with this expert technique.

The Healing and Recovery Process

Because the amount of surgical dissection is less than that of a regular facelift, recovery time will be shorter and more comfortable. However, even with this, a mini facelift is still a major surgery. You might need to take time off work to recover fully from the procedure. It might be around 7-14 days before Dr. Hurvitz removes the sutures.

Following the removal of the stitches, you might experience some swelling, redness, and tenderness. These are normal and will be minimal compared to a full facelift. They should disappear within a few weeks.

Cost of a Mini Facelift

There are several factors that affect the total cost of a mini facelift procedure, including total surgery time and anesthesia fees. Booking a consultation with Dr. Hurvitz will give you a better estimate of the price for your particular case.

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