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Breast Implant Exchange
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Breast implant exchange is a plastic surgery procedure to remove existing breast implants and replace them with new ones.

Anesthesia type: General, in some less common cases, local anesthesia may be offered

Facility Type: Outpatient surgery center

Recovery Time: A few days to one week

What to Expect During Recovery: Some mild swelling and bruising, mild to moderate discomfort, itching and/or redness along incisions as they heal, wearing a post-operative bra or sports bra, some restricted arm movement during initial healing.

Deciding to Have Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

If you are considering breast implant exchange surgery, review the information provided in this section so you are informed about the procedure and what to expect, followed by calling our office for a private consultation with Dr. Hurvitz at his , . office.

During your visit, let Dr. Hurvitz know what your goals and expectations are from the implant exchange. This will help him understand your motives and expected outcome, as well as determine if your expectations are realistic. Dr. Hurvitz will evaluate your breasts and medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.  Lastly, Dr. Hurvitz will discuss the risks associated with implant exchange surgery, as well as the healing time and what to expect during recovery. In most cases, the revision surgery requires less healing time than the primary surgery, if the placement of the implant is staying the same and there isn’t a complication present such as a capsular contracture. Dr. Hurvitz’s staff will provide you with a detailed surgery quote outlining the cost. There are some situations (capsular contracture, rupture) where medical insurance may cover some of the costs associated with a breast implant exchange. Please speak with your insurance provider to find out if you have benefits.

About Breast Implant Exchange

Women in and the surrounding areas have a variety of reasons for coming to see Dr. Hurvitz for a breast implant exchange. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Implant rupture
  • Movement or rotation of implant into a less than ideal position
  • Implant size – want to go bigger or smaller
  • Time to replace them based on the FDA’s recommendation
  • Unhappy with placement (over the muscle vs. under the muscle)
  • Visible rippling
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Pregnancy or significant weight loss has caused unwanted changes
  • Desire to change the type of implant; saline to silicone or silicone to saline

If an implant rupture has occurred, there may be a warranty available from the manufacturer. This can sometimes include the cost of the new implant/s and partial assistance of the surgical cost. If your current breast augmentation was not performed by Dr. Hurvitz, it would be helpful if you could obtain the following information: implant manufacturer, type of implant, size, date of surgery, surgeon’s name. Often times this information is given to you in the surgery packet provided by your surgeon’s staff. If you do not have access to this information, don’t worry, we can use our resources to help you locate the information. With any implant exchange, regardless of the reason, where the current augmentation was not performed by Dr. Hurvitz, it would be extremely helpful to know the type of implant and size.