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Mini Tummy Tuck
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A mini tummy tuck is for patients who are reasonably in good shape but have problem areas that diet and exercise simply can’t address. Patients who are interested in a mini tummy tuck in Long Beach, Torrance, South Bay, Orange County, and Beverly Hills can call Dr. Keith Hurvitz for a consultation.

Anesthesia type: General

Facility Type: Outpatient surgical center

Recovery Time: Back to work in two weeks, and physical exercise can be resumed in six weeks.

What to Expect During Recovery: Reduced energy, aches and pains in the abdominal area, soreness, swelling, redness, bruising, and lower mobility five to ten days following the procedure.

What Is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A mini tummy tuck, also called a partial abdominoplasty, is a modified version of the full tummy tuck procedure. It specifically focuses on the lower abdomen.

This procedure involves incisions, liposuction for the removal of fat deposits, muscle tightening with internal sutures, and minimal skin trimming and tightening. The size of the incision will be smaller that of a full tummy tuck, as will the amount of fat and skin removed.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Partial abdominoplasty procedures are meant for patients who don’t have a lot of excess skin and fat. Patients with only a small amount of skin laxity and stubborn fat deposits are ideal for this procedure.

Patients who smoke are often discouraged from undergoing the procedure, as are patients who have fat both above and below the bellybutton.

Your Mini Tummy Tuck Consultation

During a consultation for a mini tummy tuck, Dr. Hurvitz will ask about the patient’s medical history and any medications they are taking. The patient will also be checked for relevant health issues.

The patient will also be asked about their expectations of the procedure. The details regarding the procedure will then be explained, along with what to expect following it.

Your Mini Tummy Tuck Session

At the start of a mini tummy tuck, the patient will be prepped and then given general anesthesia. Once the patient is ready, an incision that goes from four to eight inches in length is made. Any post-surgical marks can easily be hidden by a bathing suit.

Excess skin and fat are then removed, and loose muscles are tightened. After that, the incision is closed with sutures. A drain may be placed at the time of your surgery to help remove excess fluid that may accumulate.

Mini Tummy Tuck Aftercare

Immediately following the procedure, the affected area will be cleaned and then bound by a post-surgical abdominal garment.

The patient will be provided with prescriptions for painkillers and antibiotics. Instructions for draining fluids and reducing the swelling and bruising will be given as well. In two to three weeks, the patient will be well enough to go to work.

How Much Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Cost?

The total cost for a mini tummy tuck will be determined after consulting with Dr. Hurvitz. The price can be affected by multiple factors, including total procedure time and financial aid.

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Potential mini tummy tuck patients in Long Beach, Torrance, South Bay, Beverly Hills, and Orange County can call Dr. Keith Hurvitz to schedule a consultation and learn more. He will be happy to answer questions and address concerns.