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Breast Lift

Breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure for improving the position of sagging breasts on the chest.

Anesthesia Type: General

Facility Type: Outpatient surgical center

Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks

What to Expect During Recovery: Swelling, bruising, some discomfort, redness and itching of incisions, asymmetry during healing, wearing a post-surgical bra or sports bra, reduced activity.

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Deciding to Have Breast Lift Surgery

If you are considering breast lift surgery, review the information provided in this section so you are informed about the procedure and what to expect, followed by calling our office for a private consultation with Dr. Hurvitz at his , . office.

During your visit, let Dr. Hurvitz know what your goals and expectations are from breast lift surgery. This will help him understand your motives and expected outcome, as well as determine if your expectations are realistic. Dr. Hurvitz will evaluate your breasts and medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for a breast lift. He will inform you about which type of breast lift procedure or combination of procedures will provide optimal results. Keep in mind, it is quite common to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation and/or breast reduction. Lastly, Dr. Hurvitz will discuss the risks associated with surgery, as well as the healing time and what to expect during recovery. His staff will provide you with a detailed surgery quote outlining the cost.

About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. It also reshapes and improves contour for a more youthful attractive appearance. Another benefit of a breast lift is the possibility of reducing the size of the areola. Lastly, a breast lift can provide more latitude with clothing options.

A woman’s breasts often change over time, losing their youthful shape and firmness. These changes and loss of skin elasticity can result from:

Weight fluctuations

There are several types of breast lift options. During your consultation Dr. Hurvitz will determine which one is best for you. The types of breast lifts vary by incision placement

Crescent Lift: Done in conjunction with breast augmentation, and is only appropriate in women with a small degree of ptosis (breast sag).

Donut Lift:  Involves an incision around the perimeter of your areola. This technique is also called the periareolar lift or “Benelli” lift (for the surgeon who pioneered it). This type of breast lift is suitable for mild to moderate sagging.

Lollipop Lift: Involves an incision around the perimeter of the areola and one that runs vertically down from the areola to the breast crease. This technique is appropriate for women with a moderate degree of breast sag.

Anchor Lift or Inverted T Lift: This breast lift requires three incisions: one around the areola, one that runs vertically down from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease, and a third that runs horizontally along the breast crease.  This lift is mainly for breasts that are extremely droopy.

Many women chose to combine their breast lift with augmentation to further improve the overall size and shape of their breasts, as well as add fullness to the upper chest. Augmentation will also increase the longevity of the procedure.